Arctic Sunday Social



Bring the Best out of Your Juice!


For this week, Arctic Social investigates the world of juice…what is good, what’s not so good, and what Arctic is doing to offer the best we can. Despite the fancy nutrition labels on in-store juice bottles, the high sugar content and thousands of preservatives found in store brought juices is huge, and they don’t give us the health benefits we need as well as being hugely overpriced for the product your buying. Until recently, we thought the 'bad' drinks were those such as coke and sprite, while orange juice was an easy way to get one of our 'five a day'. But the goalposts have shifted, and it’s been proven orange juices can have as much sugar in as 13 chocolate biscuits, and certain ‘well known’ smoothies have the same as three and a half doughnuts - so 100% juice doesn’t mean anything unless you have it right!